Meet the Creative Team at Owlkids


Jennifer Canham

Group Publisher, Owlkids

As a former chickaDEE and OWL reader, Jennifer was thrilled to find her dream job at Owlkids. And after more than 10 years leading the Owlkids team, she still finds that each day brings a new and exciting challenge – along with some pretty inspiring love letters from Owlkids readers. Plus, she gets to combine her interest in education, reading, journalism, the environment, and, of course, birds – all while working with an amazing creative team. When she’s not working, Jennifer likes watching her husband cook dinner, listening to music, and discovering new (and old) books to read with her six-year-old daughter, Alice.


Angela Keenlyside

Associate Publisher, Owlkids

Angela has worked in children’s publishing at Owlkids for over 14 years. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Culture, and Society from Queen’s University. She loves to spend her days reading comics and tries to see at least 50 movies at the theatre each year.


Karen Boersma

Publisher, Owlkids Books

Having spent over 20 years working with books, and more than 15 years working with children’s books, Karen was thrilled to join the Owlkids family in 2012. When not figuring out how to get kids excited about reading, Karen likes to do as little as possible but when pressed will admit to a fondness for reading books meant for adults as well as spending time at her family’s cottage.



Barb Kelly

Creative Director, Owlkids

Barb graduated from Central Technical School with a diploma of  Art, specializing in Illustration and Studies in Fine Art Drawing and Graphic Design. Barb has been with Owlkids for over 13 years, has worked extensively on Owlkids marketing, magazines, and books. She loves cats, dogs, and monster trucks.


Kim Cooper

Editor, OWL Magazine

Before joining Owlkids, Kim was a writer, digital producer, and online editor in the youth media industry. She’s a graduate of the University of Victoria’s Pacific and Asian Studies program, where she majored in Japanese. When she’s not practising karaoke, she’s actively involved in a number of diabetes-awareness initiatives for kids and youth.



John Crossingham

John Crossingham

Senior Editor, Owlkids Books

John has worked at Owlkids Books since 2007, and has been an editor and writer of children’s books for nearly twenty years. An avid musician, he has also played in numerous bands over the years including Broken Social Scene. His other obsessions include cooking, cheering for sports teams that never win anything, and playing tennis (poorly). He has two children, Isla and Holden.



Mandy Ng

Mandy Ng

Editor, chickaDEE Magazine

Mandy has a B.A. in English Cultural Studies from McGill University and a post-graduate diploma in Book and Magazine Publishing from Centennial College. In 2006, she began her career at Owlkids as an editorial assistant for OWL Magazine and moved to editor of chickaDEE Magazine in 2009. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, visiting farmer’s markets, and spending time with her family.

Jackie Farquhar

Jackie Farquhar

Editor, Chirp Magazine

Before joining Owlkids in 2001, Jackie completed the Magazine Publishing program at Ryerson University. When she’s not writing, editing, researching, or trying to get kids she meets excited to read Chirp, she enjoys making crafts and hanging out at the park with her family and pets.


Susan Sinclair

Art Director, Owlkids

Designer, chickaDEE Magazine

Susan graduated from Ryerson University’s interior design program but decided to change paths a few years later. She studied Computer Animation and Graphic Design at Sheridan College and animated children’s educational CD-ROMs before becoming a graphic designer. In 2001 she joined the OWL team and the rest is history. In her free time she enjoys making metal sculptures, biking, movies, and walking her awesome dog.


Caroline Versteeg

Designer, OWL Magazine

Since graduating from the York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design program, Caroline has worked as a designer and art director in the packaging, branding, and publishing world of design. With an interest in children’s publishing, Caroline joined OWL Magazine as Designer in 2009 and has been creating fun, vibrant content-driven layouts ever since! In her spare time, Caroline paints and has shown her artwork at events such as the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and galleries around Toronto.


Ladan Lajeverdi

Designer, Chirp Magazine

Web Designer, Owlkids

Ladan graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design as well as an advanced web and print post-graduate diploma. She feels every day is a new opportunity to learn and create. In her free time she enjoys travelling, illustrating, watching movies, and reading books.

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