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A Great Success or Unnecessary Expense? – Early Observations on Ontario’s Full-Day Kindergarten

A new study released by the Ontario government has hailed their full-day kindergarten program a “measured success”.

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Owlkids’ magazines offer quality, engaging, timely, and FUN content. Chirp, chickaDEE, and OWL are bursting with activities, animal facts, jokes, comics, feature stories, puzzles, and more, all designed with a single — vitally important — aim: To […]

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World Watch

World Watch highlights outstanding people doing extraordinary things in their communities and around the globe. From local to global initiatives, learn all about world issues and how people are making a difference.

OWL Magazine's April 2014 Green Ambassadors World Watch

Green Ambassadors

Find out how Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors like Julia and Colin are educating young Canadians. (PDF)

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