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Owlkids11 hours ago
If you're looking for inspiration for what to buy your favourite young bookworm, check out owlkidsbooks.com You can find our titles organized by age and genre as well as discussion guides and weekly blog posts 😀
Owlkids15 hours ago
Years of being such a common pet have hidden a truth about the goldfish.

Though we know them as a tiny fish (barely a few centimetres long), that is only because we tend to keep them in a tiny environment. If you release a goldfish into the wild, it can become a surprisingly big fish! 👀🐟

Find out the surprising stats on this monster French goldfish nicknamed "The Carrot" in our latest OWLconnected post: http://ow.ly/SzhM50LVu56
Owlkids1 day ago

❄️Calling all #Chirp fans! Click play below to listen to A Winter Journey by Nancy Cooper and illustrated by Chief Lady Bird Art, a story about a painted turtle named Missy and her journey as a new hatchling. 🐢

Owlkids2 days ago
We're so excited to share that BEAUTIFUL YOU, BEAUTIFUL ME by Tasha Spillett-Sumner and illustrated by Salini Perera is a TPL First & Best 2022 pick! 🥰🥰🥰
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