Meet the Creative Team at Owlkids




Angela Keenlyside

Publisher, Owlkids

Angela has worked in children’s publishing at Owlkids for over 17 years. She holds a Master of Fine Arts from York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Culture, and Society from Queen’s University. She likes to alternate her time between reading to her young son and prepping him for a future in the NBA.


Karen Boersma

Publisher, Owlkids Books

Having spent over 20 years working with books, and more than 15 years working with children’s books, Karen was thrilled to join the Owlkids family in 2012. When not figuring out how to get kids excited about reading, Karen likes to do as little as possible but when pressed will admit to a fondness for reading books meant for adults as well as spending time at her family’s cottage.

Faith Cochran

Faith Cochran

Creative Director, Owlkids

Since discovering Dr. Seuss at age four, Faith has loved the fusion of words and pictures within a story. This led her to media communications, as a writer, digital content producer, and art director for Cottage Life, Flare, and House & Home. Her editorial storytelling is recognized by The New York Society of Illustrators, The Advertising and Design Club of Canada, and The National Magazine Awards Foundation.

Melissa Owens

Editor, OWL Magazine

Melissa has worked in children’s publishing for over 10 years. Her passion is providing quality content for the magazine, eMag and website that inspires, educates, and entertains. As the editor of OWL, Melissa is constantly immersing herself in youth trends, connecting with readers, and feeling gratitude towards the amazing team she works with. When she’s not at her desk, you can find Melissa walking the neighborhood with family, hitting the yoga mat, and eating anything with cheese on it.



Jackie Farquhar

Jackie Farquhar

Editor, Chirp Magazine

Before joining Owlkids in 2001, Jackie completed the Magazine Publishing program at Ryerson University. When she’s not writing, editing, researching, or trying to get kids she meets excited to read Chirp, she enjoys making crafts and hanging out at the park with her family and pets.


Caroline Versteeg

Associate Art Director

Since graduating from the York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design program, Caroline has worked as a designer and art director in the packaging, branding, and publishing world of design. With an interest in children’s publishing, Caroline joined Owlkids in 2009 and has been creating fun, vibrant content-driven layouts ever since! In her spare time, Caroline paints and has shown her artwork at events and galleries around Toronto.

Mandy Ng

Mandy Ng

Editor, Chickadee Magazine

Mandy has been with Owlkids since 2006. She has a B.A. in Cultural Studies from McGill University and a Book & Magazine Publishing Certificate from Centennial College. She spends most of her spare time reading with her two young daughters and thinking about her plants.

John Crossingham

Senior Writer

John has worked in children’s publishing for over 20 years, joining Owlkids in 2007. After many years in the book department, eventually as a senior editor, he made the switch in 2016 to the magazine department to write for OWL, as well as help launch the daily news site Though he spends most of his time writing, it’s not always with words—he is also an avid musician and songwriter and has released many albums. In moments he has left, he cooks, reads, plays with his family, follows sports too obsessively, and worries.

Alex Dorward


Being a reader of Chickadee and OWL herself as a child, Alex was beyond ecstatic to join the Owlkids team in 2019. It’s a dream to  take part in creating the magazines that were such a big part of her childhood! Alex has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for the past 10 years, and is also a graduate of the Graphic Design & Interactive Media program at Toronto Film School. When she’s not working, Alex loves to draw, paint, knit, play video games, and spend time with her pets and family.


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