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Teacher Talk

Mahmoud is an Afghan teacher with a big heart and a desire to help his community. OWL talked to Mahmoud about why he became a teacher and how the Food for Education program is helping Afghani kids and communities.

OWL: How many students are you teaching in your school?

Mahmoud: I am teaching 350 students in different classes.

OWL: Do you think the Food for Education program is making a difference for children?

Mahmoud: Yes, it's helped a lot in terms of stationery distribution and teacher training. The program encourages parents to send their children to school.

OWL: What kind of opportunities do you think education can give to your students?

Mahmoud: Education could provide lots of opportunities to the students. It's a bit easier for them to survive when they are properly educated in terms of job opportunities.

OWL: How is it helping their families at home?

Mahmoud: Kids can pass on what they are learning here at the school — especially health and hygiene messages.

OWL: Has this program helped you become a better teacher?

Mahmoud: Yes, the program helped me a lot. I have participated in several teacher-training workshops. I was receiving a monthly food basket as well.

OWL: What do you find rewarding about being a teacher?

Mahmoud: I love to do things to bring change for my community. I thought this would be the best way to bring changes and be with my community and educate them as well.

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