World Watch

Video Games for a Cause

Discover how one teen is using video games to help others. (PDF)

Lessons in Leadership

Fahd Alhattab in OWL May 2014 World Watch

Get to know Fahd Alhattab, a youth leader making a difference in his community. (PDF)

Green Ambassadors

OWL Magazine's April 2014 Green Ambassadors World Watch

Find out how Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors like Julia and Colin are educating young Canadians. (PDF)

Caring for Kids

OWL's March 2014 World Watch image

Meet a group of teenagers who want to make the world a better place for children with disabilities. (PDF)

The Right to Read and Write

CODE in Ethiopia

Learn about a Canadian non-profit that is working to deliver literacy and education programs around the world. (PDF)

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