Owlkids Teacher's Package

Partnering with Schools to foster the emotional and intellectual growth of children!

At Owlkids, we take great joy in opening children's minds to the world around them at an age-appropriate level that they both enjoy and understand. Chirp, Chickadee and OWL magazines stimulate, inspire, and motivate kids – just like you do in the classroom.

Introduce your students to Chirp, Chickadee and OWL – magazines that help kids learn!

Our Teacher's Package was developed to help parents continue the education at home by making sure their children have materials that reinforce and cultivate a love of learning.

Chirp, Chickadee and OWL provide a parallel to the fundamental lessons learned in school. In addition to this, all three magazines help to develop:

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills through varied reading
  • A sense of curiosity by exposing children to the world, ideas, and possibilities
  • Confidence and a willingness to learn because the material is age-appropriate

FREE Resources for your classroom!

And, to support your efforts in the classroom, you have a choice of teaching-related gifts, plus free stickers for every child in your class!

Chirp, Chickadee or OWL – Which magazine is right for my students?

Chirp (ages 3 to 6; daycare, JK and K)

Each issue is bursting with puzzles, stories, crafts, animal facts and photos, comics and jokes, delivered to your door in a magazine specially designed for little hands.

Our philosophy is simple: the more children enjoy reading, the more they'll want to read. And the more they read, the more they learn.

Chickadee (ages 6 to 9; grades 1-3)

Packed with puzzles, crafts, non-fiction articles on different cultures and places, animal facts and photos, stories, comics and jokes, Chickadee keeps children engaged, entertained and informed about the world around them.

The hands-on style of learning in Chickadee sets it apart from other children's publications – and kids can tell the difference.

Chickadee readers build their problem-solving skills, sharpen their imaginations, and learn to think in new ways – all while developing a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

OWL Combo Pack(ages 9 to 13; grades 4-6)

OWL Combo Pack is the perfect mix of print and digital. You get OWL Magazine, loaded with tech news, interviews, hands-on building, comics and more.

OWLconnected eMag, a bi-weekly, current affairs eMag featuring news of the week, feature stories, sports, entertainment and more.

Plus, access to OWLconnected.com, the daily current affairs website for kids.

It doesn't matter if the child is an avid reader or if you struggle to keep a book in their hands – there is something in OWL for every child.

Teacher's Package – How do I participate?

Sign-up below to receive your package in time for the upcoming school year. The package will include instructions on how to participate in the program, open an account, online or through the mail, and get the maximum free resources for your class!

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Thank you for your interest in our teacher's package. We would be happy to send you a package. Complete the registration form below, and we will get the package to you right away. The magazines are appropriate for the following age/grade levels:

1. Chirp Magazine (ages 3-6): preschool & kindergarten
2. Chickadee Magazine (ages 6 to 9): grades 1-3
3. OWL Magazine (ages 9-13): grades 4-6

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